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Premium Flooring Solutions

Prime Floor KSA has been an innovative leader in the field of construction, finishing, and decoration. We offer all types of flooring solutions and have suitable products for all kinds of projects; from home requirements all the way to sports club flooring.

Our partnerships with major suppliers from all around the world, combined with our comprehensive experience of a wide variety of installation environments, make us an excellent business partner for clients, contractors, and enterprises that are seeking a “one stop shop” for all their flooring requirements.

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Our Flooring Solutions

Residential Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity and is one of the most durable choices, especially when choosing a pre-finished hardwood floor to install. It can be used in any room and comes in different thicknesses. Some even come with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Residential Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most beautiful flooring types that can be installed at an affordable price. Viewed as the next big design trend, it imitates wood, tile or stone flooring. Essentially, this flooring is layers of adhered fiber board with an image of the wood, tile or stone printed on top.

Residential Tile Flooring

Tiling is one of the most popular flooring type, and provides one of the most practical, flexible, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly flooring choices. Tiles come in different sizes, shapes, textures, material, and thicknesses, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Carpet Flooring

We offer the widest selection of Polypropylene and Nylon carpet tiles, as well Broadloom Flooring. Our products are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. The entire collection is tested for sound and heat insulation, anti-static, wear proof, colorfast, and anti-flammability.

Gym Rubber Flooring

Rubber demonstrates many properties that make it the most suitable type of flooring for a gym or even other facilities. It provides padding between expensive fitness equipment and hard subfloors, protects floors from heavy machinery, and supports and protects athletes from injury during exercise.

Healthcare Vinyl Flooring

Our Healthcare Vinyl floors incorporate a specially formulated polyurethane reinforcement, inducing a long-term polish-free preservation system, which significantly reduces maintenance costs, and ensures that our floorings have the abrasion resistance required to resist the wearing of the surface!

Outdoor Sports Flooring

Our highly resilient Acrylic floors are structured with anti-slippery properties, good resistance during all weather conditions, a cushion-like impact surface, and the ability to host sole pressure when athletes run, jump and dunk on its surface. Ideal for outdoor sports such as basketball, football, handball, volleyball, etc.

Vinyl Sports Flooring

For young athletes, performance and pleasure should be their only concern. Therefore, Prime Floor KSA provides ideal and innovative floorings, that meet the highest environmental and health standards, allowing sports to be played in stimulating and safe surroundings.

Wood Sports Flooring

Our multilayered wooden floors for indoor and outdoor sports are resilient and feature stability through several interlocked layers of the best quality wood. Each layer is carefully engineered to provide just the right amount of rebound effect and shock absorbing properties which are essential to any athletic event.

Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are stronger and less prone to cracks and breaks than traditional dropped ceiling materials, while still offering easy access to the ceiling void, where most buildings run their wiring and  conduits. They are also every bit as cost effective and flexible in designs as metal used in exterior buildings finishes.

Raised Floors

Whether for your IT Office, Server Rooms, Printing Rooms, or Data Centers, our raised flooring solutions will provide you all the hidden void you need for all your cabling and plumbing infrastructure. You can even accommodate people crawling under them in case you need to.

Children Playgrounds

We provide injury-free flooring to bedrooms, playgrounds, schools, and care centers. Our floors have anti-slip and elastic properties, to cushion falls and prevent injuries. They are also resistant to bacteria and germs proliferation, both in indoor and outdoor conditions.

Squash Courts

We set up your Squash Court with all its components, floors, walls, glass, and even lighting, all while ensuring that our material and products meet the most important safety factors set out by the World Squash Federation, in order to guarantee maximum safety and functionality in the court.

Floors Walls Stairs Accessories

The most important part of any job is the finishing. That is why we at Prime Floor KSA, make sure to provide you the best combination of products and accessories, to guarantee you have a great end result in terms of esthetics, practicality, and safety. We offer a variety of accessories, for floors, walls, and stairs.

Sports Equipment

We have expanded our area of expertise from the bare courts floors for our athletes to the trade and installation of heavy duty sports equipment and tools, along with suitable accessories for each type of sports. Our sports equipment is guaranteed to have a long life, to match that of our flooring solutions.

Some of our Projects


Vinyl Floors for health care centers. 


Al Rushaid Nursery: PU FLOORING for the nursery area

Antara Compound Squash Court

Fully equipping Antara Compound’s Squash Court.

Antara Compound Gym Floor

Fully equipping Antara Compound’s Gym.

ARAMCO School Playground

Building a new children playground for Aramco School.


FIRSTAINMENT Joy Zone Vinyl Floors 


Equipping ARMACO DAHRAN HILLS School Sports court with brand new Wood Floors.

Rayhana Hotel

Installing new floor tiling. 


JUBAIL RC Children Playground


Qayyum Jeddah Carpert Installation

Nesaj Compound Sports Court

Nesaj Compound Outdoor Sports Court

AL NASSAR Sports Club

Al Nassar Sports Club: Sports Wood Flooring

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